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Fairview One

The development of Fairview One started with a clean sheet of paper. The engineering team engaged the market and re-thought every part to produce a simpler, more innovative suite. The end result is a suite that can handle higher wind zones, more handling on site and higher internal ceilings all while exceeding the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

In the following blog we break down the detail that makes Fairview One, the most advanced window joinery suite in New Zealand.


This fresh approach allowed the engineering team to design a system suited to todays changed consenting and construction environment. The building and design industry were clear that they wanted less complexity when selecting systems. This meant designing Fairview One to handle up to 2.5m high clear openings in extra high wind zones. Removing the need for the selection of specific systems for different heights and wind zones. Now, Fairview One covers them all.


Fairview One was developed to allow for glass up to 26mm thick, an increase from older suites that only handle between 20-24mm. This means that Fairview One can provide greater noise reduction and greater thermal performance. Again ensuring that Fairview One can work across a greater number of locations and environments.


Understanding how window joinery gets handled on-site lead to a simple, light yet strong development. A new proprietary corner joint was introduced within the frame. The result means that Fairview One is more robust at being moved and handled onsite.


The development on the outside was as significant as the inside. The profile was designed to meet the changing tastes of designers and homeowners. With a flatter profile on the outside the design matched more modern architectural designs. A curved surface on the inside improved the windows ability to handle condensation.


The result is a suite that can be specified and installed in more projects (from beautiful new homes to luxury multi-unit developments), in more locations, provide greater acoustic and thermal performance, and be handled more on site. Now there really is

only One suite to specify.

Download our Fairview One brochure now.

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