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Quote Request

Let your build journey start with us! At Nebulite North, we’ve been helping make dream homes a reality for over 20 years. Our team are passionate about joinery and you’ll get first hand, unbiased advice, recommendations and the best experience when it comes to your joinery.

Information required to quote

Please feel free to email us your build plans for a free no-obligation quote, otherwise phone or visit our showroom to discuss your project. 

A few things we will need to know about your project before we can quote if you don’t have plans drawn up:

  • Height and Width measurements (approx.)

  • Cladding - Is it direct fixed or on a cavity. We need to know this to work out the total wall thickness and required flashings.

  • Window/door openings. Note that joinery is viewed from the outside when building. Talk to us if you are not sure about what will work best.

  • Address of the property.

  • Ground floor or upper levels. This determines what glass we use.

Things we don’t need to know just yet but can change if you want us to:

  • Colour: We default to our standard powder coat range. You can check out our colour options here.

  • Liners: We include 19mm pre-primed liners as standard.

  • Glass: As a general rule we will include double glaze on new builds. On toilets and bathrooms, we will include an obscure glass. There are other options that you can consider.

  • Hardware: We offer colour matching of your hardware and default to our Malta range. We have a wide range available and this can be changed out to your preferred option at any time before we start the fabrication process.

  • Entry Door: what do you want your panel to look like? We default to an aluminium tongue and groove look. We have a lot of options to choose from so do check out the Parkwood Doors brochure. For your handles, we usually include a pc sum to cover a wide range of options. Have a browse through this brochure to give you some inspiration.

  • Louvres: If you have chosen these for your home, we will work out which size (102mm or 152mm) you need based on the size of your frame (you can change this if it is within the recommendations). You will need to specify whether you would like cedar, aluminium or glass.

If you are still unsure of what you might want, then ask us for some advice on what we think might work best.

Thanks for your enquiry! We will be in touch with you soon.

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