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Choosing the right glass for your home is just as important as choosing the joinery. You can maximise light, reduce heat loss, provide sound protection and minimise fading of your furnishings.

The right glazing options for your home and the costs involved will depend on a number of things. Consider things like lifestyle, climate, noise levels and the position of your windows/doors.

Be sure to check out our wee table below to help you with choosing the right glass for your home.


There is nothing like coming home to a warm and cosy house. Double glazed units can help reduce noise, glare, fading of your furnishings, increased security; and extra comfort.


The thermal efficiency of your windows and doors is measured by the R-value. This is the thermal resistance of the total window system (including glass, spacer & joinery). The higher the R-value, the less heat loss from your home and the better the insulation.


If you're looking for increased efficiency and comfort, adding Low-E could be an option for you.

It is a low emissivity glass with a coating that covers the inside pane. Letting the sun's light and energy in but keeps the heat out in summer & cool out in winter.

Can also help in reducing condensation in your home. This is a current requirement under the H1 regulations for new builds (and some renovations). Please check with your architect which product is required.


For additional safety to make glass less likely to break or pose a threat when broken you can upgrade to Safety Glass.

Can also offer sound and fading control.

Toughened glass is another strengthened option which is heat treated making it up to 5 times stronger than standard glass. If broken, it will fracture into small particles.

Laminated glass has a layer sandwiched between the panes and helps absorb force from impact. When broken it will typically remain intact.


With our range of tinted glass, not only can you minimise fading of your furnishings (including carpets, curtains & artwork) you can also decrease the UV, visible light and heat that passes through your windows and doors.


Providing an extra level of comfort by reducing the noise within your home without having to compromise on light or looks.

This is an excellent choice if you live near a busy road or have an issue with excessive noise.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing your frame and glass combo including:

  • The location including temperatures & wind zone

  • height and scale of your windows/doors

  • span of glazing (the larger the space, the stronger the frame)

  • energy efficiency

  • thermal & acoustic requirements

  • budget

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