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Window Configurations

Windows can function in different ways. Sliding, tilt, folding... By understanding the different types and how they work you can better match the windows to your lifestyle and needs.

Most configurations can be customised to suite your needs. We have displayed a selection of popular choices for you to help with your decision making.


Awning & Casement

The most common window types. Awning hinged from the top, casement hinged from the side.

kitchen bifold_edited.jpg


Maximising your opening space - you may not even notice the window is there at all when it's open. Creates a sense of openness.


Sliding & Stacking

Creating the feeling of space and light. Great between the kitchen and your outdoor space!



Louvres offer the ultimate in ventilation control.  Options in glass, aluminium or cedar blades.

Window Configurations Neb.PNG
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