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Cleaning the Window

Care & Maintenance

We’re proud of our products, and with regular care and maintenance, we know you’ll get many years use from them.
We have noted some basic tips for maintaining our products and also recommend you download the brochure below for more details.

Wash Regularly

remember that joinery is low maintenance, not no maintenance so ensure you wash them regularly.

What products to use

Use a mild soap (dishwashing liquid works well), warm water and a quality soft bristle brush or cloth. 


Wedging your door can cause permanent damage. we would recommend a weighted door stop or we can supply you with wall or floor mounted hold backs.

Also avoid slamming where possible.

Timber Doors

please check the maintenance pack for your timber panel from the supplier used or check with your fabricator.


check out our conditions page for more information on what warranty is included with your products.

If you have any issues while you are in the warranty period, please let us know and we can get someone to come and have a look for you.

What not to use

Never use solvent or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the powdercoating on your windows and doors. This includes common household cleaners such as Jif.

Highly acidic and alcohol based cleaners are also not recommended. 

Sunscreen can also damage the joinery so wash immediately.

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