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Who is Fairview?

For over half a century we’ve been helping Kiwis make the most of their homes and living spaces. We’re a family-owned business, with Over 50 fabricators nationwide – wherever you are, we can help! We have a deep understanding of their local markets.

Our comprehensive range of products has a style to suit every home - from mainstream suites to architectural and thermally efficient systems. All Fairview products are designed and tested for our unique New Zealand conditions.

We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis make the most of their homes and living spaces and supported local architects and builders with commercial, retail, and Ministry of Education projects. We’re proud to call New Zealand home.

History In 1968, we began as a family owned joinery business in Fairview, a small part of Timaru.

Half a century later, we’re still proudly owned by that same Kiwi family. The ingenuity and passion of hundreds of New Zealanders have helped shape and create the exceptional window and door solutions now available across our manufacturer network.

Our logo may have evolved over the years, but the passion that drives Fairview Systems is unchanging. It comes from our people, and of course, our customers. And our work and passion is reflected in the windows and doors in homes and workplaces from Northland to Stewart Island.

The Team

Across New Zealand, an extensive network of Fairview manufacturers builds and installs the window and door solutions that bring your home to life.

We’re one team, made up of independent businesses – and wherever we work, we’re still hands-on and driven by the same passion to go the extra mile for our customers.

From simple renovations to bespoke architectural homes, every project is different; but we also realise that everyone is uniquely personal. Fairview manufacturers create hand crafted solutions specific to your home – designed for New Zealand, backed by world-class quality.




Aluminium is one of the most popular and versatile materials for framing windows and glazed doors in New Zealand.

Over the past 53 years we have perfected the craft of manufacturing thousands of extruded aluminium profiles. Our factories always have hundreds of aluminium extrusions on hand, or ready to go if needed. Light but strong and durable, aluminium doesn’t require regular repainting and has minimal maintenance which helps reduce its overall cost over a lifetime. Aluminium is also a high-value recyclable that can be melted down and used again indefinitely.

As industry leaders in this category, our expertise allows us to design and manufacture any aluminium extrusion, finish them to any length, and ship them capped or ready for further assembly.

Our aluminium profiles are used across a range of our finished products including windows and doors, weather boards, entry doors, louvres, wardrobe doors, fencing, and accessories.

We also have capabilities to produce steel profiles, plastic profiles, and timber profiles upon customer request.

Powder Coating

Well chosen joinery and accessory colours can bring life and interest to your home whether you wish to provide contrast to existing colours or blend them seamlessly.

Powder coating is one of our most popular finish choices due to its durable nature, and modern sleek finish. It also has a lower ecological footprint than most other coating alternatives.

Our latest powder coat technology, AEONOX, is a scratch-resistant formula designed to minimize the risk of profiles becoming damaged throughout the installation and manufacturing process.

We powder coat our profiles using our own facilities, accredited to WANZ Enduro Colour Powder Coating Quality standards, so we know they’re built to last.

Using electro-static heat-treated powder-coating we are able to produce finishes in multiple colour ways that meet our customers personal style and infusing spaces with aluminium that is both current and timeless.

We have a wide range of colours to choose from, available in metallic, satin, and matte finishes.


For a natural looking finish that reacts to light with a contemporary metallic sheen, anodising finishes are the ideal solution.

Anodising uses an anodic oxide coating to bring out unique colours within the metal of the frame. The result is a stylish matte metallic finish that’s durable and tough wearing.

Anodising is instantly obvious as a more transparent finish and gives an appearance of being as one with the aluminium rather than an external coat of paint.

We have a range of popular neutral tones to choose from.


A new era of low maintenance can be found within our range of sublimation finishes.

Our sublimation finish technology allows us to create the look and feel of any desired texture on our aluminium.

Our most popular sublimation is a woodgrain finish, that creates the aspiration of wood with long-lasting paint free durability. Unlike real wood that needs to be cleaned annually and stained every five years, this sublimation finish is strictly low maintenance.



Our huge sheets of raw glass are turned into some of New Zealand’s most sought after quality glass products.

Our new purpose built Auckland glass factory produces over 241,188 square meters of glass each year.

Our state of the art glass technology allows our team to work with glass of up to 25mm thick and cut it to the exact size requested by customers on our automated cutting table.

Single Glazed & Processed Glass

We have single glazed glass solutions for everyday privacy, UV reduction, safety, noise reduction, clarity, and décor suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

We also produce processed glass for internal and external applications such as shower doors, balustrades, mirrors, sliding and stacking doors, fences, and canopies.

Our team uses computer controlled cutting tools for rebates, fixing holes and section or pattern cutouts. When the cutting is done, they chamfer edges to avoid sharp corners, and then harden sheets to safety glass if required.

Our facilities can process toughened or tempered glass by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase glass strength.

The end result is glass cut to the utmost quality, and to the exact size and specifications requested, ready for applications across thousands of Kiwi homes.

Insulated Glass Units

We assemble double, triple, and quad glazing to any size or shape, creating warmer homes for Kiwis.

Our IGU energy efficiency ratings are some of the best in the country thanks to our XR Edge spacer; a rigid multi-component spacer designed and developed to give our IGU’s the longest lifespan possible.

We are proud to be New Zealand’s first and only glass manufacturer to have an accredited IGU test lab on our own premises.

Our facilities allow us to simulate real time weather climates to verify our product is fit for purpose right here in our own factories.

The outcome? We find problems with our products faster, and in turn provide better solutions for our customers than any other glass manufacturer in New Zealand.



Entry Doors

Nothing refreshes a home quite like an entrance door, and our Platinum Doors range has something for everyone. From classic panel doors for traditional homes, heritage doors for villas, and flush panel doors for contemporary designs.

Our range is constructed of aluminium which means they won’t split, warp, or need repainting and with the right care, our entry doors will keep the same beautiful look for years to come.

Most of our aluminium doors have a thermal option available offering greater energy efficiency.


Louvre windows are more popular than ever and with good reason. Lightweight and durable, sleek and sophisticated, louvres are increasingly sought after as a functional architectural feature in modern homes.

Louvres provide consistent air ventilation but are also durable enough to keep out rain and direct sunlight. For those seeking a balance of seclusion and natural light in the home, louvres allow interiors to feel connected to the outside world without sacrificing privacy.

We manufacture louvre windows on site with our own aluminium and glass and have the ability to coat them in multiple powder coat colours and sublimation finishes to meet our customer’s needs.


We’ve developed thousands of our own components, fittings, and accessories, designed and manufactured in house and tested to relevant standards.

They’re usually the perfect solution for a specific problem, but often we’ve struggled to find exactly what we are looking for, or that the existing options just aren’t good enough.

So we developed them ourselves.

Sometimes they’re ingenious, sometimes they’re simple, but every case we manufacture them to perform and last.

Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC machinery, pressing, plastic injection moulding, and zinc injection moulding.

We also buy in accessories from suppliers all over the world, bringing together a range of components, fittings, and hardware that we supply to thousands of industrial and manufacturing customers.

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